Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why doesn't the map show the location correctly?
A. If the "View Map" link next to the listing is not showing correctly, the address information may need altering slightly or the marker itself moved.  In order for the map link on to function properly, please refer to the guide to formatting the address information.
Step 3 of the "Amend Listing" system allows you to move the marker to the exact longitude and latitude of your company and we will use that instead UNLESS you choose not to display your address whereupon the marker is set to the suburb.
Please remember that the map is a free service provided by MapQuest™.  As such, has no control over the placement of the marker, nor the map itself, other than via the address information supplied.

Q. How do I add my company?
A. Please use the Add Your Listing tab/link in the navigation.  It's a short, simple process.  Make sure to keep an eye out for the confirmation email so as to click the confirmation link. Please watch the demonstration videos:
Add Listing Video Part 1 (7.6Mb) and Add Listing Video Part 2 (21.5Mb)

Q. What features do I get if I add my company?
A. This is a comprehensive list of all the free features when you add or amend your listing:

  1. Your business name
  2. A "tag line" that describes your business motto and a description field
  3. Inclusion in up to 6 business categories
  4. Your street or mailing address. This can be turned off if you wish
  5. Your email address not displayed but is in a "spam proof" system
  6. Your web site URL linked to your web site provided it meets our conditions
  7. A contact name for your company
  8. The year your business was established
  9. The payment types you accept
  10. Your hours of operation
  11. A list of possible attributes like Star Rating and Alcohol Licence etc
  12. Up to nine images
  13. Up to nine products and/or services
  14. Links to your social networks - Twitter, Facebook etc
  15. Embedded YouTube video
  16. Reviews that you approve to be shown
  17. A primary and an alternative phone number
  18. Your fax number
  19. Your premises shown on a MapQuest™ map, if available

Q. How do I amend my company details that are incorrect?
Please use the Update Listing link under your company details after you've done a search for your company.  It's a short, simple process.  We'll send you a confirmation email, then check the submission to make sure you are not attempting to alter someone else's information. Please watch the demonstration videos:
Update Listing Video Part 1 (6.9Mb) and Update Listing Video Part 2 (14.2Mb)

Q. I work from home.  Do I have to supply my address?
A. We require your address to verify your company is legitimate.  We prefer a way for your customers to contact you, however, we do respect privacy.  In this case a P.O. Box may be used. There is an option to select so that it is not displayed, however does require it.

Q. Can I have more than 1 listing for my company?
A. ONLY If you have actual premises in multiple locations, may you create a new listing for each location.  You must qualify the extra business name by appending the suburb location and it needs to be supported by your website showing the multiple locations.
ie UK Local Search, London and UK Local Search, Edinburgh would be 2 separate entries.

Q. Is it really free?
A. Yes. We will not charge you a cent.

Q. Why do you ask for payment types?
A. These are for how your customers can pay you. It is NOT for you to pay since we don't charge anything for your listing.

Q. I've tried to add my company.  Why isn't it visible yet?
A. It may take a couple of working days to complete the addition process as every request is reviewed by staff.  If it has been longer, it is most likely that we are waiting for you to click the link in the confirmation email we sent to ensure the details are correct otherwise your request may have failed to comply with the terms and conditions.

Q. What are the Terms and Conditions for adding/updating my companies details?
A. The Terms and Conditions can be found on the legals page.

Q. Why will you not link to my website?
A. There are a number of reasons for this, all of which are detailed on the Terms and Conditions page under the other restrictions section.

Q. How do I report business details that are incorrect?
A. If it is your own company, please update the listing yourself. Otherwise, please go to the details page for that listing via the "View More Details & a Map" link. On that page, just above the map on the right hand side, is a link to "Report this Listing as Incorrect". It will take up to 5 business days for us to review the listing and verify that it is incorrect and either change it or remove it.

Q. I've requested that my listing be removed/amended. Why do my details still come up when I search on Google or Yahoo etc?
A. We have removed/amended the listing from as requested, however we have no control over the results that come up from searches on Google and other search engines. Google and other search engines save their data from websites and only update these every fortnight or so. Your listing will be out of other search engines when next they re-index If you click on the link however, and review the page, you will find you are not mentioned or the info has been updated whichever is applicable.

Q. How do I get a YouTube video embedded on my listing?
A. Copy the link to the particular video and paste it in the YouTube field of the Social Networks section. You'll find the link to copy beneath the video on YouTube when you click on the 'Share' button. You need to log in to update your Listing using your access key to get to the Social Networks section.
Please Note: if you supply the link to your YouTube profile we cannot embed a specific video.

Q. Where did my details come from to be on this site?
A. Most of the details on this site were found on publicly available internet sites.

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